Take A Breath

Posted: 2014-08-19   By: Affordable Dancing

If you are a Latin or Ballroom dancer, competitor or performer, you will appreciate this scenario. Your name is called, the music starts, the timer begins or the whistle blows and your body feels tense, unstable and you are short of breath. You've trained for months, maybe years and you are absolutely ready for this moment,....you think so anyway. Your nerves have gotten the best of you and you felt unstable, disorganized, or out of control. This inability to focus on the task at hand can make or break that critical moment when you need to be at your best.Your anxiety complicates your ability to stay the course, and you feel out of breath and unstable. You may need to focus during your dance lessons on how to relax, breath, and how to feel more connected to the ground, allowing your body to respond quicker on command, the way you expect it to.