Most American Men don't get it!

Posted: 2014-10-26   By: Ralph Hunn

Men don't get it! For some reason men in America don't get that women like to dance. In Europe and South America dancing is an important part of peoples social life. That was evident when we spend 4 day's with our students in San Juan Puerto Rico, and then we left San Juan on a cruise ship sailing through the southern Caribbean. As soon as we left the port we realized that there was a big difference between this cruise, and other cruises that we took leaving out of Florida. Almost everybody on this ship danced, and that was mostly due to the fact that 80% of the passengers came from Latin American countries. They realize that women love men who dance with them, they love the lead and follow element of dancing that has no other equivalent behavior. They love the fact that a man who dances well and attentively, creatively and passionately will have similar qualities in other couple activities with dancing being the best indicator of how he'll perform. Just go to a salsa club and see who gets to prettiest girls, or go to any other bar or club where they dance, and you will see the same thing. There is not another thing on this earth that will put a woman in a man's arms any faster than dancing, and there is an instant rapport!!!!!